Worksheets no longer remain exclusive if user steps away and PC goes to sleep

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We have a document on a shared file that when "user 1" opens it, no one else can.  However it appears that for some users this "exclusiveness" goes away after a period of time and someone else can open the worksheet unaware that user 1 still has it open on their desktop.  This is quite frustrating

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Hi @wfantozzi 


Will need to clarify a couple of things.


Where is the file stored? E.g. is it on a file drive (x:) or is it in OneDrive/SharePoint?


I am also curious if you want co-authoring access or if the 1 user at a time approach is the desired method.


I suspect when the laptop goes to sleep, the connection to the file is severed and the file is eventually unlocked.





@Damien Rosario 

The file is on a file shared drive; We have been using the one user at a time approach.  I am a bit uncomfortable with the coauthoring approach as I am unfamiliar with how it works.  We are using this file to assign blend id codes for our wine lots so it is important not to have duplicates.