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My son Computer Teacher says "Microsoft Excel 2019 have One Worksheet by default" whereas it is Three Worksheet.


Please provide official proof

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The default setting used to be 3 sheets in a new workbook until Excel 2010. In a clean installation of later versions, it is 1 sheet, but if you have upgraded over the years from Excel 2010 or earlier, and if you never changed the default setting, it would still be 3.

@Patrick2788 has provided the official link.

@Gyan_Manish  The default number of sheets to start with is in the settings.  I have 365 so this image may look a little different but it is something like this:


notice the last item says "Include this many sheets"

change that and the 'default' number of sheets changes for each new workbook.


I wonder if the default is set to 1 to encourage intelligent spreadsheet design and keeping similar data together in 1 sheet?