Worksheet seems locked, cells inaccessible (as if worksheet is graphic block), but I didn't lock cel

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How can I access, edit and sort cells? The entire worksheet has the 4-direction arrow cursor instead of selection cursor.


I tried to upload .xlsx version, but it wouldn't be accepted.

I saved it as Excel 1997-365 version, .xls: LINK on Google Drive



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What you see is a picture: a screenshot of a worksheet that sits on top of an empty sheet.

If you click once, then press Delete, the picture will disappear.

@Hans Vogelaar 

I tried your advice, Hans. When I delete the graphic, you are correct, and there is a blank worksheet. However, the spreadsheet's cells used to have active data. 

I exported numerous csv files and rebuilt the original Excel Workbook with my data.

And, again, the data turned into a graphic file, which I cannot edit or import into another app.

What should I do?



You must have done something to replace the sheet contents with a picture. I don't know what...