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I have an excel workbook with about 25 worksheets. I store in in OneDrive and it automatically saves.


When I try to set up an internal link between workbooks the link addresses keep changing to match the temporary file name that seems to be allocated when automatically saving.  For example if I want to link to Current_Account The link appears as  Accounts.xlsm - 'Current_Account'!A4 This works for that session then when I reopen the workbook it seems to have a different name and I get a message that the link is invalid.


Is it possible to have an internal link that doesn't  reference the full file name

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Excel's fullname property with OneDrive

OneDrive > Settings > Office: - Uncheck 'Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open'

This lets excel save the file in the typical "C:\Users[UserName]\OneDrive..." file format instead of the UNC "https:\" format.


Hope I was able to help you with this info/link.



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Thanks - that fixed my problem!



I'm glad that I could help to solve your problem.

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