working with multible sheets

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i have attempted to create 1 sheet from multiple sheets using =Excel.CurrentWorkbook()

to bring all the sheets together in a Query.

the result is i am getting some of my results listed twice .. i believe that past tables are coming into my current query and adding to the results.

can i remove past created Tables with out losing my data.

cheers and thanks



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@BillHull The first time you do this, the workbook indeed only contains the tables you want to combine. When you then load the combined table back to Excel and refresh the query it picks-up the PQ generated table(s) also, thus duplicating everything. Go into the PQ editor. In the Source step, filter out the table(s) that is(are) created by PQ. Close and Load. All should work just fine.

cheers , finally got there however is there a way to add new sheets and have them update on the original query or do i have to repeat building the query every time new sheets are added
thank you
thank you ...just found the error of my ways ....sorted