Working with Arrays

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There may well be a simple solution to this, but I've search far and wide and can't find how Excel can achieve this outcome.

I have an array of numbers stored in A1:G10.

I'm trying to retrieve the contents of a single cell where the row and column values are generated automatically.

For example if I generate a Row value of one (3) and a Column value of four (4) I'd like to retrieve the data from cell D3.

Hope that makes sense, and thank you for any insights.


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@Rod_Sims The basic formula would look like this:


where you can replace the 3 and 4 with references to cells that contain these numbers. 


Thank you so much - an elegant and simple solution to what I had thought might be more complex. I've got my formulas working. Again, thank you!


For your amusement, something I occasionally do is to wrap the INDEX function within a Lambda function to create a more conventional programming syntax


Worksheet formulae 
= MyArray(3,4)
= MyArray(3, )
= MyArray( ,4)
= MyArray( )

= LAMBDA([r], [c], 
    INDEX(Sheet1!$A$1:$G$10, r, c)