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I've a question about a basic page set up. Let's see if i can explain me clearly.


I've build a page layout model right to fast paste and clip personal "standard" data from other files and i can easy have my data in excel with a simple paste.


A problem arrive when i have to work with tables with long texts or with different dimension from my "standard". 

The layout have a dimensioned header and footer tables  build in the working page and is not allowed to stretch.

Now I manually rebuild column and string with merge, add, delete button (but it required time to calibrate the new table with the layout std configuration ) or simply  import a jpg (but for professial tasking is not a good choiche).


My question is if is possible to select a certain area in the work page and tell to excel to make that area indipendent right to have a space where i can work cells without modify the external cells dimensions.


Sorry for my bad english, I hope someone can understand the question.


Thanks for the attention


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Can you perhaps post screen-shots of (for example) the result before and after pasting and how you want it to look?

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Ok lets try

In yellow You have what i want to keep safety

In green You have the result i want to reach

i put in grey what i ask if is possible to do

I try to ask if is possible to make an area(green) an obtain an indipendent column and string layout right to no modify the yellow zone if I stretch column add or delete, ecc...

I hope to be more clear


Thanks again for the attention 

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Sorry I make a mistake in the number of strings here is the right screen

@Trim1234 Excel has a limitation that gets in your way here: Each column can have only one width and each row can only have one height. The trick to have different column widths above each other is by NOT placing them above each other but next to each other. So you design TWO tables, each on their own worksheet. Then you select the worksheet which you want to display below the other one. Select all cells you want to "copy" and then click the little drop-down next to the copy button on the Home tab of the ribbon and choose "Copy As Picture". Now go to the other worksheet and Paste. Now comes the important step: Click in the formula bar and press the equal sign. Click on the other worksheet and select those same cells again and click Enter. The picture is now dynamic!

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Thanks a lot, that is awesome and hyper fast trick, easy to dimension and elegant to present.


If i can i will take advantage of your kindness and ask another thing.


I use a lot copy and paste link right to have same upgradeable data in different cells.

If i make that kind of link in an empty "mother" cell and paste link in another it always apper 0.

I try to go on format cells, number, custom and put the @ right to have a "neutral" cell property but still appear the 0.

I solved it by putting a - but if i want and empty linked cell, wich format should i take?


Sorry for bother You


One thing you should know: a cell with a formula is never really empty, but you can make it look like it is empty. Suppose your cell must refer to Sheet2, cell B2, then this formula makes the cell look empty if Sheet2 cell B2 is empty:

@Jan Karel Pieterse 


Awesome! I understimated the power of IF Function


Thanks a lot for the help!


Have a Nice day!