WORKDAY nested in if/then formula

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Hello All! I am a project manager.  I have a tracker that populates with dates.  There will be rows where I do not know the date yet, so I want to populate the cell with the formula, and if there is no date, have the formula say "waiting for start date."

I have a cell(s) with a workday formula.  I want to add an if/then to the formula.  If the result of the workday formulas is less than A1, have "Waiting for Start Date" populate the cell.  If it is greater than A1 have the workday result populate the cell.

I hope this makes sense, if not I can add more to the question...thank you so much in advance for your help!

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=IF(WORKDAY.INTL("13.02.2022",ROW()*12)>$A$1,WORKDAY.INTL("13.02.2022",ROW()*12),"Waiting for Start Date")

Maybe this formula does what you are looking for.