Workbook Not Displaying Sheets when Opening File

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Hello Everyone, I am lost! 


For some reason, when I attempt to open Excel files, either from the desktop location or through the file explorer, Excel opens up as a blank file... like this screenshot below.  


I can open the file just fine when I start Excel first and then file/open or recent workbooks.

I resaved files, renamed, and even "new" files behave the same way. After some searching, I tried the trouble-shooting suggestions and reinstalled Office twice.  At a loss now... 

Your help is greatly appreciated. 






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Select File > Options.

Select Advanced in the navigation pane on the left.

Scroll down to the General section.

If the check box 'Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)' is ticked, clear it.

Click OK.

Thank you so much! It worked.
I am somewhat baffled tho, why this suddenly changed. It is not like that I updated/ checked boxed in that section.


Apparently a bit fell over. Perhaps cosmic radiation... <grin>