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I have one file, which has inside it hidden links to some workbooks, i discovered this through the "inspect file"

The issue is that in my excel 365, in Data tab i have a tab called "workbook links", but when i open the file in older versions like excel 2013 or even some other excel 365, the "edit links" tab is greyed out, so basically you cant break the link, i tried even to search for "[" or "]" as path usually contains "[", but nothing found


Why is that? i just want to understand the issue

below is a snapshot for the issues 

excel 2013excel 2013excel 365excel 365

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There is an important difference between how "old" Excel reported links and how the new workbook links pane works. The old Edit links dialog ignored links in range names which are not in use, the new workbook links pane shows those as well. If you expand the links it finds, there should be a button to find the location. In such cases clicking the link that shows up will open Name Manager, which you can then use to scroll to the name in question and delete it.
Alternatively, download my Name Manager from here: and filter the names for "External".

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Thanks a lot, just was trying to check location of the link, so when i pressed on the link, it showed that it is in a "name", seems in name manager, but name manager opened and its empty,
why there are workbook links when my name manager is empty and it points to a name manager?


Names can be hidden. Download my free Name Manager from here to see all range names and loads of other useful features: