Work Project - Need Ideas

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Hi There,


I've been tasked with a project that I want to automate as much as possible; however, this seems like a project where I don't know what I don't know and would like some experienced Excel vets to help out:


I research stocks and do a write-up after reviewing them. The write up is saved in a word document.

We want to review our write-ups on an ongoing basis, so I want to write a program that will cycle through the latest write-ups for all the stocks we watch.  The idea would be to have the write-ups for that week automatically put into one file that I can send out for people to read on the weekend.


My idea would be to put each write-up into a cell on Tab A (this is the initial manual part), where I will adjust the rows to be very tall.  Then, I'd pull the writings for 10 randomly selected stocks to a tab A using a formula.  I'll make each row the height appropriate for one page, then make the print area the size of the 10 enlarged rows.


Any better ideas?  Is there a faster and better way to automate a task like this using excel?

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