Word files embedded into excel slow and do not filter

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I have embedded WORD documents into one column of an excel spreadsheet, one per row, in order to keep them "in the spreadsheet", instead of embedding links to the WORD docs stored elsewhere (this is because the WORD docs come from all different HDDs and so it is easy for me to give other people just one file). These WORD docs are mostly 1-2 pages, but have photos, making them large files. Now with 390 rows (=390 embedded WORD docs), the spreadsheet is very slow.
i) Any way of keeping the WORD docs "attached" as part of a cell, (or otherwise?) and continuing to enlarge the spreadsheet, without it slowing to stop?
ii) Also, when I do a filter, leaving me with, say, 3 rows picked out, the spreadsheet keeps all 390 WORD docs (visually piled on top of one another) and does not filter out the 387 non-hit rows. So then I can't find the WORD docs that correspond to the rows filtered. Any fix?
Hope someone can help!
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