Wierd Behavior Excel for Mac 16.54

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Yesterday, an Exel spreadsheet began acting oddly.  The cells contain text.  In page layout mode, the green selection box does not correspond to the cell I click on.  For example, if I click on cell C18, the green selection box is randomly placed over C18 and C17, and the contents in the formula bar is from C21.


This does not happen on any other xlsx file I have tried on my computer, so it appears to be a corruption of some sort unless I have hit some formatting button inadvertently.


It begins happening at 130% magnification.  It does not happen at any magnification in Normal view.


I've tried both doing a save as and copying and pasting.  Whatever it is carries over to the new document.


I can make it go away by briefly turning off wrap text for any cell and then turning it back on.  The layout remains fine until I edit a cell.  It then reverts to odd appearance.

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