Why is my data formulating when I do not tell it to?

Madeline Clancy
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I am organizing some account numbers in a spreadsheet under different headers which say what the account is for. I enter a number "200002244487" and when I go to work in the next cell, the data changes to


But the account number I entered remains in the fx toolbar window above...how do I remove whatever Excel is trying to formulate with my data? There are no signs telling it to complete an action, such as =,+, etc. Not sure why it's changing the data I enter, and it is happening with any sequence of numbers I use and in different cells. I have started a new workbook even and the problem remains. Help!


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Above a certain size Excel converts numbers into scientific format.

If you don't have to do any calculations with the number then pre-format the cells as text. Otherwise change it to a number format with 0 decimal places.


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