Why have embedded Excel, PowerPoint, and Word iframes in third-party apps suddenly stopped working?

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I am writing to report a critical issue we are currently facing with Microsoft Office iFrames.

Until recently, we have successfully integrated Excel, PowerPoint, and Word iFrames within our applications. However, these iframes are now consistently getting stuck on the login page, preventing any further interaction or functionality.

This problem has significantly disrupted our normal operations and productivity, as these features were working seamlessly before.

To better understand the origin of the issue, I created a distinct HTML page solely for the purpose of testing these iframes. Here are a few more details that might help in diagnosing the issue:

  • Date when the issue started: 2024-04-25.

  • Browsers used: Chrome, Edge.

  • Changes made before the issue: None.

  • Network issues: The network tab shows 403 errors when attempting to load the iframe content.

  • Direct URL test: Opening the iframe URL directly in a separate tab displays the content correctly, which suggests that the issue is specific to the iframe integration.

For your reference, I have attached a GIF that showcases the exact issue we are experiencing.

Could you please provide us with guidance on how to resolve this issue?

Are there any changes in iframe integration policies or authentication methods that we should be aware of?

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.



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Could it be a popup blocker getting in the way here?

I've sent this post to the Microsoft support team.

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Hello @Jan Karel Pieterse,

There aren't any popups being blocked.

Thank you for informing the support team.

The problem resolved itself this morning after persisting for nearly five days.
We would appreciate an explanation regarding the cause of this incident.
We have exactly the same issue, and customers using their MS accounts to embed in our saas app also have this issue persisting since about 26 April.