Why formatting cells works in russian?

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Even though my office 365 is in english, formatting cells works only in russian. And if im importing xlsx file to a workbook it changes all the names of months from english to russian

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Try changing the region from your Microsoft Account.

Go to Your Profile, Click on "Region" and change it to your specific region.

Close the browser, open a spreadsheet in excel online and try entering a number.


Unfortunately, since no precise information is available from your side, only assumptions can be made.

Operating system? excel version? storage medium?


Here are some additional links that might be of help:

Change your personal language and region settings.

Change regional format settings in Excel for the web.

Change your display language and time zone in Microsoft 365 for Business

Set a locale or region for data (Power Query)


 Hope I was able to help you with this information.



I know I don't know anything (Socrates)

 For example I have inputted smthng like this January 2019 and want to change it rely on on my format in the main ribbon tool-> Number-> Custom. And in this custom field only in russian formats appear. I Want to input mainly smthng like mm/yy. And this should change January 2019 to Ja/19. However, if i will change my region all the formats are changed such as time date etc,. Could you please help me? 

Even though i am writing in english custom it didnt help mewant to have there in enlgish too