why doesn't Excel recognize the TEXTBEFORE() and TEXTAFTER() functions when I try to use them?

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When I attempt to use these functions, Excel returns the #NAME? error message.

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As of today none of those functions exist, hence the #NAME? error you get
Suggest you expose what you expect to do + upload a sample with the expected result
Oh because it’s for a beta program only and not rolled out for everyone 🫣


I didn't check, but most probably it's available at least on Current channel. "Latest Microsoft 365" means practically nothing, more important is it latest for your channel (semi-annual, current, etc), subscription (consumer, business, which one) and platform (Windows, Mac, Android, etc)

I can confirm it's available in Current channel. I run Current Channel (version 2210) on two devices at work and those functions have been available for several weeks at least.

@Sergei Baklan thanks Sergie. Yes, my work laptop has 2202 (semi annual) and this function isn't available. but my personal laptop has version 2210 and its working


Check which channel do you have on laptop, with 2210 that's most probably Current channel. Functions shall be available on this channel. With semi-annual you have to wait, perhaps till next spring. All depends on your subscription channel.