Why does Excel 365 have two "Stocks" data type buttons?

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In my Excel 365, Data | Data Types has two "Stocks" buttons.  As far as I can tell, they are both cosmetically and functionally identical.  Is there any good reason for both buttons, or is this just a bug that needs fixing?


(Windows 10, if that matters.)

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Most probably that's a bug which appears in your concrete environment. In consumer version we have bot Currencies and Stocks icons which are working exactly the same way but have different interface. Perhaps in your case you have both but with the same name.

I would have assumed a bug except that it's so glaringly obvious. The two buttons really do seem identical -- same cosmetics, same tooltip, and each button converts tickers to stock data types. As to Currencies, there is also a Currencies button next to the two Stocks buttons. There really does seem to be an extra, duplicative, Stocks button. As far as I can tell, it is harmless, so I'll just ignore it unless some tangible problem crops up. Very vanilla environment: Windows 10 with up-to-date patches, brand new original download of Office 365. Nothing unusual about my environment that I am aware of.


You may to Repair office (data will be kept) or full repair as here Repair an Office application - Microsoft Support , but in this case data in profile will be cleaned.

I'd stop on online Repair, nothing serious.

As a comment, Windows version practically doesn't matter if that's any after Win7. Office 365 - here it's important your subscription and on which channel you are.






Seems like the first Icon is a "recently used" icon and therefore 2 are shown since the Stocks Icon is the first in the list. Just click on the down arrow on the right side of the Data Types dropdown and you will see many Icons.


I assume that as you use the other Icons they will appear first as recently used Icons.


Not a bug ... just bad UI! Look at how much time we wasted here.