Why Can't I use Ctrl+Shft+Z instead of Crtl+Y to Redo?

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I am used to using Ctrl+shft+z in photoshop, illustrator, and in google sheets. I would like to continue to use these keys for redo since its easier to do, rather than reach for Y. Is it possible to set up "Redo" to be ctrl+shft+z instead of ctrl+y? 


I am unable to download any apps to help change the keyboard shortcuts since I am on a work computer.

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@nthompson1410There is no good news, to cut it short.

Your question made me curious, as I have customized keyboard shortcuts in Office programs before.

To begin with, I have to assume you are using a QWERTY keyboard, and not a QWERTZ, or AZERTY, etc.

1) It seems Excel does not allow you to customize keyboard shortcuts like Word does. That would have been the way to go.


2) Even if you could record/write a macro in Excel to perform a redo (I see there is a method called Application.Redo), you can assign to the macro only one key in conjunction with the Ctrl key.


3) As you experience trouble reaching for Redo on your keyboard (assuming my assumption was correct!), other millions of users have difficulty to perform Undo on their QWERTZ keyboards. In case you need to perform dozens of consecutive (uninterrupted) Redos, a) getting to know macros (out of scope here) might do you good, and b) you could add a QWERTZ keyboard to Windows (I am not sure if it was available on Vista, but therafter it was for sure). Then, as soon as you start needing this repetitive command, simply press Win+SPACEBAR (or similar) on your keyboard, which alternates between the (two) input locales (keyboard layouts), meaning Y and Z change places. But be careful to switch back to avoid other surprizes when typing.
[the last sentence would then end like this: "...to avoid other surpriyes when tzping."


4) For lack of a better solution, let me end in saying that there are more applications out there that are using (and have been using) Ctrl+Y for Redo than you can imagine. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is but one of them!