Why am I getting the #BLOCKED! error?

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The "#BLOCKED!" error below is in Excel, and (as you can see) it's saying I'm "Not signed in"; but I am. I have signed in both when starting Excel this morning AND when starting up the computer and having OneDrive start up. I changed the password for Microsoft last week, so had to sign-in with that new password. Why then am I getting this error and what can I do about it? I do see that I have the option of Signing Out and presumably signing in again, but signing out comes with all kinds of dire warnings




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Do you still have the problem? There was a problem with Microsoft's authentication servers a while ago but it appears to have been solved now. (I was blocked from logging in to answers.microsoft.com, but I'm in now)

@Hans Vogelaar 


Yes, still having it. From something else I've read, I'm wondering if somehow I got signed out of Beta channel or my insiders subscription.....


Oh dear...

@Hans Vogelaar 

It just occurred to me that my personal Microsoft 365 Subscription renewed during this week, over the weekend, and this is occurring since that. 

Having same issue. Mine renewal also occurred recently.
And now it's working, at least on THIS computer. So it would appear to be a matter of timing; just takes Microsoft a bit of time--days--to synch subscriptions with the services the subscriber has been granted.