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I have Win 10, Home & Student 2016 Version 2103.

I'm a skill level perhaps 4/10.

White cross cursor driving me crazy - cannot seem to get rid of it and edit cells, etc. Outside of the Excel sheet my normal arrow cursor works just fine. Back onto a workbook sheet and the white square cross appears and I am unable to function and edit cells, etc (quite unsure what this icon is and why it appeared suddenly. Have tried Googling - nothing that I understand but it looks like LOTS AND LOTS of users have the same problem with no helpful suggestions that seem to work.

Apologies for not explaining more fluently - used to work just fine until that darned cross appeared effectively blocking my ability to use the Excel.    

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I'm having the same problem on a new Macbook Pro 16" (2021). Please help!
I have 13 pages of data to enter in small boxes, and the hite cross covers the space where I need to type consistently!


I am having the same problem with my MacBook Air 2020. It just started today. I cannot select small cells with the cross curser.

@OllieMac2021 Long time Mac user myself. Never seen this before. Could you upload a picture of what you see. A regular screenshot will probably not work. So take a photo is you can and include it via the camera symbol. By the way, which Excel version are you on?

Screenshot 2021-12-22 at 20.21.33.png


I have a photo on my desktop but can't seem to load it with my reply. Clicking on the camera icon doesn't help. How do you do that? I am using Excel for Mac v16.57

@OllieMac2021 Please check your Private Messages

Did you resolve your issue or come to terms with reality?

@Palme_Palmer Perhaps you can upload a screenshot?

Sure. Though I am no longer diagnosing any issues. I was working, specifically, I selected a table, and pasted it as a jpg. Did some dragging and dropping, stepped away from desk, stepped back, and saw a cursor I found odd (the cross on the left image) and unfamiliar as the default cursor when just mouse over cell-field.   I remembered the cursor as pictured on the right (an arrow). 

Did some googling, and found people from 2021, and 2013, and even 2003 asking similar question without resolutions. I was sure something glitched on my computer. I then opened up another computer, and loaded up excel, cross was present. Finally I looked at random youtube tutorials spanning many years. The most rational conclusion seems like a glitch in my perception.
For what its worth, google sheets use an arrow when hovering over cell-field. 


The OP describes what I describe, but the mac user which you requested a snapshot from may have been describing something else.