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So I have a table like this:

I need to check if Tracking column has "Tracked" but if the Billing Complete column has "Billing Comp" the validate column needs to show 0 otherwise say Tracked. 

I am not

IF F = "Tracked" and A <> 0, then show Tracked otherwise leave blank

A - Billing CompleteB-Tested


MS Fees

D-Fixed FeeE -Bill No PayF- TrackingE- Validate
Billing Comp0000Tracked 
Billing Comp00000 
Billing Comp0000Tracked 
Billing Comp 00000 
Billing Comp00000 
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But try this formula in your column E, and then copy it down the column; I think it's what you're seeking.



I had to use "0" in the evaluation of A5 because that's the value in it; it's not actually blank. If your real one is blank, then substitute "" for the 0.