Which combination of numbers from row 1 forms the sum of one of the numbers from row 2

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I don't know if there is a solution for this but I'm looking for a way to group numbers that correspond to the sum of other numbers. What do I mean:

The rows consist of one (1) row of a set of numbers and one (1) row with the result of the sum of some numbers from row 1.
How do I find out which part (the sum) of the set of numbers from row 1 is equal to one of the numbers in row 2.



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How To Find All Combinations That Equal A Given Sum In Excel?

a none Microsoft site


Hope I could help you with these link.



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Thanks for your quick response. It seems that your suggestion may be the solution. However, when entering the last formula, I get the message that there is an error in the formula.

The last formula is:
=IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH(ROWS($1:1),IF(INDEX(MOD(INT((List2-1)/2^(TRANSPOSE(List1)-1)),2),MATCH(TRUE,MMULT(MOD)" (INT((List2-1)/2^(TRANSPOSE(Lijst1)-1)),2),Range1)=$C$2,0),),TRANSPOSE(List1)),0)),"X", "")

What could this be?

By the way, I have a Dutch version of Excel. Maybe something wrong notation?
Hi Harun24HR,

Could you help me on my way with this?






don't forget after inserting the formula press Shift + Ctrl + Enter keys together.

*Your formula was entered incorrectly.


Dutch Excel uses ; instead of ,

Your formula is a mixture of Dutch and English

Changed it, thanks for the tipp ...will have to improve my Dutch