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just created a new spreadsheet.  When entering formulas in a cell, the result does not appear in the cell, just the formula.  What must I do to have the result of the formula appear rather than the formula itself ?

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@Stanger6804 First make sure Formulas -> Show Formulas isn't turned on:


If it is (like shown above) then click it off.

Next make sure the cell isn't set to TEXT:


Set it to GENERAL instead

next make sure their aren't any special characters at the beginning.

After doing the above, click in the cell and retype (at the very least deleting the "=" and anything before is and retyping that "=")




Start Excel and call up the desired document.

If you are working in the Office 365 version of Excel,

press the key combination (CTRL) + (Shift) and (´).

In older versions of the software you must use the combination (Ctrl) + (#).


After pressing the key combination once, you should only see the result again as usual and no longer the entire formula.


Hope I was able to help you with this information.



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Hey Niko, What are those hot keys? I tried them and they did some sort of copy value from cell above into this cell and leave in edit mode


Hi Matt,

ITried it again with Excel 2016...it works...shows all formulas in the worksheet and vice versa.
The single quote can easily be confused with the back quote.
A back quote is needed here.
Excel keyboard shortcut shows formulas in the whole spreadsheet
Another way to display the formula in a cell is to use the shortcut [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [`] under Windows, but this only works from Microsoft Office 2016 or Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365).
For older versions of Excel, you must press the Excel key combination [CTRL] + [#].
You're right, now I see it too... got it wrong in the first post... sry
I inserted single quote instead of back quote. In the heat of the moment, my fingers were quicker than my eyes.

Thanks for the hint
Thank you all. The problem was when I originally formatted the spreadsheet, I had set it to text for all. Once I made the correct change for the cells where numbers or currency were located, the problem disappeared !! Again, thanks all.......appreciate the speedy response !!! Thumbs-up to all !!
Yes it was single quote instead of back quote but I tried both with that in mind but neither worked for me. What did just work was CTRL+` (no SHIFT). By chance do you need to use SHIFT to get to the back quote on your keyboard? On my keyboard SHIFT+` is ~ so CTRL+SHIFT+` is really CTRL+~
Matt, you're right again, the shortcut is for German keyboard. Since back quote in the German keyboard can only be reached with Shift.
This is what happens when you want to help internationally and national tools are used for this :). Well, the main thing is that the user is helped... and me too

Thanks again for the useful notices.
no problem and we are all learning. It is very interesting that your ` needs a shift. Actually what I learned most, is to avoid using the SHIFT+ in the hot key definition. I always wondered if CTRL+SHIFT+R made sense. Shouldn't it be CTRL+R or CTRL+SHIFT+r. Ok in that case it is pretty obvious what is meant, but with symbols or numbers that (obviously) gets more complicated. Well as you like to quote, If there is anything I know: "I know I don't know anything (Socrates)"