Where is data hidden in Excel csv file

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Our vendor will send csv data files to us showing recent financial activity. They also send a pdf file the shows the actual date the funds are deposited to our bank. The dates on the csv do not always match the pdf because of the lag is posting from credit cards. Because of the differences, we need to cut some of the data from the original csv and paste it into another csv file. Here's the problem.

When we cut the data we also delete the entire row, however our financial database shows an error for each row deleted. We then go back and have to select ever row and every column with no data and delete them entirely. When we go to Info - Inspect Workbook nothing shows up. So where is the data that our database is finding?

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csv hides nothing, actually that's a text file. Why you system give an error that could be dozens of reasons, depends on which logic it uses.


For example, in a row in first column you have date and in second cell something like 3ABCxyz where 3 says that next data shall be taken at 3 rows down. Whatever else.