Where did the option of 'New Comment' go?

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Hi, I have searched the community and found answers to this but none of these answers work for me. I have installed office 365 and now when I right-click on a cell I don't get the option of 'New Comment' only 'Insert comment' which is not enough for what I need.


Some people have suggested to go to the review tab and right click to add the option but I don't have the option on my review tab for 'Notes' to right click on. 


It's really frustrating and I'm just stuck. 

It seems that 'New comment' is the way forward and notes is the old way and for annotations, so it seems weird that I wouldn't have the option.


Can anyone help? 

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@TinaSdolvander Do you find "Notes" in the list of All Commands when you try to customize the Ribbon?



@Riny_van_Eekelen thanks for replying and I've tried to customize the ribbon but I don't get the option for notes there either

@TinaSdolvander Exactly which Excel version are you working with? (File, Account, About Excel)

@TinaSdolvander are you sure you have 365?

I opened my excel and it appears on my right click



@TinaSdolvander But you tagged you initial posting with Office365. You seem to be on Excel2019. Don't have that myself, so don't really know. Sorry!

I thought I had office 365?!?! so how can you see this isn't?
I used to have an old version of office on this laptop but I thought I had removed it all and this is now office 365. I'm assuming I'm wrong then so how can you tell?
If it is office 365, you are paying for it monthly, or your job is paying for it. If you are not paying for it monthly or annually...chances are it's not 365.
I've bought it and paid for it so I have it. I can see it's installed. How can you tell from the build number that it isn't office 365?


"....how can you tell?"


Well, your screen shot clearly says it's Excel 2019.

@TinaSdolvander Something came to mind. I believe we are mixing up terms here. Comments in Excel 2019 are what is now called Notes in O365. The new type of threaded Comments in O365 are not available in Excel 2019.


Having said that, I can't explain why you still seem to have Excel 2019 running when you say that you installed the paid subscription O365 software on your machine. Sorry!

@Riny_van_Eekelen really appreciate your effort for trying to help. I think what is happening is that even though I've run, logged, and used the product key for O365 it's still picking up an old version of Office from somewhere. It doesn't look like there is anything there but clearly, there is. When I run it to install O365 it says that 'you have different versions of office but we have given you the most appropriate one' or something to that effect. I think that is the problem i.e. it's defaulting to something I don't want. I'm going to factory reset the laptop and hopefully, it will resolve itself. It needs a reset anyway. 

Thanks again.