Where can I learn how to use Excel, please?

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Hello all, I have been using Excel for a while, but never for its actual function of creating formulas. There has been a change in the conditions of my job and, now, to invoice my client I need to create a few formulas in Excel. I have tried with some info from Google, but it has been a total disaster. Is there any good place to go where I could learn to create formulas in Excel, please? Thanks!


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Hello Cristina,

Welcome to the great journey of learning the magic of using Excel.

I'd like to tell you, If I start to drop some resource links to help you, this will become an endless list with many many useful resources. So, make sure that it is all about reaching the info in one resource rather than collecting many resources without using them.

I will only share 2 links. The first one is the Office support learning center. It is a great start and a very good resource for support and learning:


The above line is directing you to the formulas and functions section of the Excel training site. The home page of the Microsoft Excel training center is here:


This is where to explore the fundamentals of how magicians use Excel to rock the world.


The other good helper link is the Excel essentials training from channel 9. This is also a fundamental course using Excel 2013, but it applies to almost all the newest versions:



These are very rich resources that help you start. Make sure it will be better to reach the end of them, the more you digest of one source is better than grabbing the same info from many sources.

Next step, after applying the concepts you learn from the links above, is to browse other advanced sources and search for additional tools that may add a value, with focusing on the problems you frequently meet in your daily work.


Hope this helps, and welcome again