Where can I find an amortization spreadsheet or a loan payoff calculator spreadsheet?

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Ok, when I search google, I find a ton of spreadsheets.  But, none seem to do exactly what I'm looking for.  I have different loans.  I have the start date, the APR, the monthly payment I'm making.  It seems like from that, it should be able to calculate how much of payment for month 1 is principal and interest and same for the following months until it's 0.  


But, all the spreadsheets I've found are asking for more information.  They're wanting to know the loan term such as 5 years or whatever.  How does that affect anything?  It's not like, if it hits 5 years and there's still a balance they'll write it off.  I get most of the time, when you take out a loan, it's for a certain period.  They guarantee if you pay X it will be paid off in Y.  But, I had some financial problems a few years ago so those numbers are way off. So, it would be nice to just put in the start amount, the start date, how much paying a month, what the apr is and have it show me every month how much is going towards principal and interest.

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Hi @davidortenn1640 


As per my understanding, you have only three variables (Loan amount, APR, and Monthly Re-payment amount) and need to calculate the monthly principal and interest amount.

You may use the attached sample file to achieve your requirements, but it would be helpful if you share some data so that a more specific solution can be suggested.

Please also note that in most cases the banks or lending companies round off the monthly re-payment amounts. In such a scenario you might need some extra adjustments to make the closing balance ‘0’.


Please let me know if it works for you.

Forget it.  I looked up how to calculate APR monthly... and made my own spreadsheet.  Thanks.