When using Data Validation List with more then 8 values - drop down shows a black line

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In column A I have a list of products.

In column D I have Data Validation List to select from column A values.

When the List contains more than 8 values, when I open the list to select a value -it shows a black line.


I'm using Excel 2016 MSO (16.0.4266.1001) 64-bit but it happened on other versions as well.


Is it a known issue?

Is there a solution?

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Hello yanlt!

As I suppose from your screenshot you don't use tables. Your Products list looks like a normal range. I recommend to convert the range into a table object.


Here is a small tutorial for you to create your validation list with a name on column A. Right-Left-direction on your table must be noticed.Mine the left-to-right-direction. But it doesnt matter. Names are perfect tools to refer from whatever address it takes its content.


The table object is very good for changing entries on your list, because it is dynamic and adjusts automatically of what you select in the validation cell then.


Hope that helps. Greets, Eva.

Picking from a table indeed solve the issue

Can you check a attached Excel file let me know if you also have this issue?

I have just made another test and still seeing this black line when list contains more than 8 values.



Well I found the issue

It is related to the Sheet direction

When Using Right-to-Left, the Excel puts the scroll bar of the list on top of the values and shows it in black

Hi yanlt!

Nope. On my list it works. Did you check the recent excel updates in the backstage menu?


Greets, Eva.

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