When I enter a formula the cell above is automatically 'blocked' from view

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Hello everybody!

New user here ;)

So I am studying excel and I noticed that on my version (the latest I believe, registered and downloaded a few days ago), when I enter a formula, the cell above is immediately whitened out.

I can solve this for a specific cell if I go to cell formatting and choose 'distributed' for vertical (even though I am not quite sure what the other options are etc at this point) , but the issue still remains by default.

Is there any way to resolve this permamently ?
Thank You

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That sounds unusual, could you post a screenshot please?

@Wyn Hopkins Here is a partial screenshot of what the original poster is talking about. I can't click on the field above the field where I have started the formula.


After = you may use arrow keys to select navigate to the cell. If you prefer the mouse then increase the row height. Or on ribbon Home->Format->Autofit row height

@WuLaw  @Bunin  i only get this behavior when the row height isn't tall enough for the text so Excel 'creates more room' by temporarily hiding the cell(s) above it.  Does it still happen if you select all and do autoheight or double-click a horizontal line between row numbers?

EDIT: a) i see Sergei replied with very similar comment

        b) you can also change to a smaller font size that will fit that row height.

Ah yes, that is annoying.  Normally I end up just editing / writing the formula in the formula bar instead when that happens


I've worked around this issue for a while now and just decided to try and find out why it does this and the comment from mtarler brought me to the conclusion.


The issue seems to be an excel issue when the row height is default for the size of the font you are using.

This seems to happen with any font size but when the row height is auto sized it is ONE pixel too small.

Manually increasing the row by that one pixel now makes the cell editable without blocking out the above cell. 


With a little luck someone will figure this out and make the change to the excel code as it is rather annoying.





I had this issue when working on my laptop.


It seems that highlighting all and using ctrl+hoi and ctrl+hoa resolves the problem.


Like the others said above, it seems to be a cell size and font issue. Just a temporary fix, but hope that helps.

it's something to do with wrap text, here's a screenshot where you can find wrap text iconUntitled.png