When a cell value changes to "Yes" no matter how many times, increment the next cell value by 1

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Hi Community,


I want help on following:



I would like to do, when A2 changes to "Yes" everytime, B2 increases by 1. But the hassle for me here is, If A2 changes back to "No", B2 should remain 1, and when A2 again changes back to "Yes" the second time, B2 becomes 2 (increment by 1). so on and on..




Context: Why I want this?

  • A customer 123@gmail.com subscribed to newsletter, hence 123@gmail.com is subscribed ("Yes") and the subscribed time is 1.
  • The same customer now unsubscribes from newsletter, hence 123@gmail.com is unsubscribed ("No") but since he had previously subscribed once, the subscribed time is 1.
  • The same customer now again subscribes to newsletter for the second time, hence 123@gmail.com is subscribed ("Yes")  and the subscribed time is 2.
  • And so on .. if unsubscribe again, times remain same 2, if subscribed again for third time, times changes to 3

I hope it makes sense.


Thank you

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As variant you may have a list with all subcribings/unsubsribings and COUNTIFS how many times the account subscribed.
I suggest that your Column Labels in A1:C1 must be Subscriber, Subscribed, and Instance. Then your formula in C2, copied down the rows, is: