What these requirement for Excel 2019 certified exam really means?

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I am thinking about taking an Excel 2019 certified exam proctored by Microsoft. 


But I can't make up what the following instruction really means. Can anyone kindly clear up what it means? What identification documents are they talking about?


Take a clear photo of your identification documents. This step is required for validating your identity at the time of testing. If the photo isn’t clear, the proctor won’t allow you to take the test. There are no exceptions to this rule



Also can't have System Test for Certification online. It's not working. How do I know my system is compatible?


Do I need to install Excel 2019 if I decide to take the test online staying from home?

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The requirements you have mentioned for the Excel 2019 certified exam are standard procedures for online proctored exams to ensure the identity of the test taker and the compatibility of the system. Let me break down each requirement for clarification:

  1. Identification Documents:
    • To validate your identity, you'll need to provide a clear photo of your identification documents. This typically includes government-issued IDs such as a passport or driver's license. The photo is used by the proctor to verify your identity before allowing you to take the exam. It's important that the photo is clear and legible to avoid any issues with the verification process. This is a common practice for online proctored exams to prevent impersonation or cheating.
  2. System Compatibility:
    • Before taking the exam online, you need to ensure that your system meets the compatibility requirements specified by the exam provider. This typically involves running a system test to check if your computer, internet connection, and other necessary software meet the minimum requirements for taking the exam online. If the system test is not working, you may need to troubleshoot your system or contact the exam provider's support for assistance.
  3. Using Excel for Web:
    • If you decide to take the exam online from home, you may not need to install Excel 2019 specifically. Instead, you can use Excel for the web, which is a web-based version of Excel that can be accessed through a web browser. Excel for the web offers many of the same features as Excel desktop applications and can be used to complete tasks and exercises required for the exam. Using Excel for the web eliminates the need to install software and ensures compatibility with a wider range of devices and operating systems.

In summary, to prepare for the Excel 2019 certified exam:

  • Ensure you have clear identification documents ready for verification.
  • Check the compatibility of your system for online testing and troubleshoot any issues.
  • Consider using Excel for the web if you're taking the exam online from home, as it provides a convenient and compatible solution for completing the exam tasks.

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