What keyboard shortcuts are assigned?

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Hi all,


Pulling my hair out here. Hope someone can help.


Have recently upgraded computer, OS and Excel versions (Win10, Excel 365 (1902)).


When I try to run one of my personal macros that has a keyboard shortcut it doesn't work. A couple of mins of Googling shows there are now new kb shortcuts in Excel and that I'll have to change the one I had assigned (Ctrl+Q).


Ok, so I assign it to Ctrl+Shift+Q and when I run that something happens but not my macro. So what does that mean ... is it assigned to something else already? Not according to anything I can find online.


So the question is, is there anywhere I can see what shortcuts (including customised ones) are assigned in Excel?


It looks like I can (try to) assign any shortcut under Developer>Macros>Options - for example, Ctrl a - even though it's assigned to something else. So how do I know what shortcut to assign to my macro if I can't see a list of what's already assigned?

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@StewDay , you can view the macros (Alt-F8) and click on the options button to see what shortcut key has been assigned to each macro:



Thanks @TheAntony. I can do that of course but I have a lot of macros. Is that the only way to go through them? ... and that's only for the ones I've assigned (and as I said earlier they can even be wrongly assigned - eg. Ctrl+a). Is there no way to see ALL assigned shortcuts?

@StewDay , I'm sure there's a way to find out programmatically but that's beyond what I can do. Quick web search showed a few results so maybe there's a solution already out there. Here's a couple that looked promising:




Thanks @TheAntony.


That put me on the trail to something useful ... excel-vba-to-list-key-bindings-onkey 


Still didn't allow me to see ALL keyboard shortcuts ... looks like those like Ctrl+x are called OnKey bindings and I didn't work out how to see them.


But there was a reference to using [Add Watch] , a right-click function in the VBA editor to stop any code from executing. After setting that up and using the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Q I was able to see it was actually assigned to an old macro that had been commented out. So it was running, but there was nothing to run.


I've now re-assigned it to the preferred macro and it's working as expected.


So now if I want to assign a new kb shortcut to a macro I first have to check it's not already used by Excel by referring to a list like this one keyboard-shortcuts-in-excel then turn on [Add Watch] to check it's not already assigned to one of my macros!


Thanks for making things straight forward Microsoft!