What is this and how remove

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Editing file and hit wrong combo of keys. Also has hide feature along top to auto hide columns. It is preventing me from sorting and no pop ups to lead me in the right direction. I need info to turn it off. Tried copy/paste to new file but "feature" follows.




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@UncleFiat On the Data ribbon, find the Ungroup icon. Press it and select Clear Outline.

Screenshot 2021-05-02 at 09.08.09.png

You just saved me. I had removed those two items from the Data ribbon and would have been pulling my hair out trying to figure that out. Can you tell me the name of the feature I somehow added so I can research / learn about it.

And I can't thank you enough for your timely response with the solution.

@UncleFiat First of all I'm glad you solved it. Secondly, I wonder why you would remove items from the ribbon, if not because you are working on a very small screen and things get in the way.


You can read more about Outline (i.e. grouping of rows and or columns) in the link below.