What is the purpose of 'Save to File' in Excel?

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How does 'Save to File' as an option in 'Print' differ to conventional 'Save As' of any workbook or document? What is its purpose? 

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"Print to File" creates the printed output in the form of a file that you can keep for later use; you can then send that file to the printer. So next month, you would be able to print the workbook as it was today,

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me @Hans Vogelaar 


So is this functionality best used if you want to save a version of a workbook, and then continue to edit the original file? 

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It's meant in particular if you want to save the printed output. I have to admit that I never use it myself. If I want to save an intermediate version of the workbook itself, I save it as .xlsx (or as .xlsm) from the regular Save As dialog.

Thank you so much @Hans Vogelaar Your explanation is so much clearer than the Microsoft tutorial!


It's very kind of you to dedicate the time to explaining this for me.