What is the formula to divide an odd number

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What is the formula to divide an odd number and enter the higher half in one cell and the lower in a different cell?  For example, in golf you have a handicap and lets say it is 5, you would get 3 strokes on the front and 2 on the back.  I created a spreadsheet that lists the handicap, but it wants to put 2.5 in both cells front and back, how do I create a formula that will enter the higher of the two values in one cell and the lower value in a different cell?


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@Kevin_Caldewell Let's say the 5 handicap sits in cell A1. Then, in B1 you enter:

=INT(A1/2) to get 2, 

And in C1 you enter:

=A1-B1 to get 3


Thank you that should work perfectly

I would like a formula that calculates the adjusted score based on a specific handicap.  For example, the most anyone can post for any one hole is a net double bogey (2 over par), with the key being net.  If someone was a 0 handicap he would not get any strokes on any holes and the most he could post for any one hole would be a double bogey, but if he had a 2 handicap, he could post a score on H/C holes 1 and 2, which in the example below is hole 5 and 17, of a 7 (PAR 4 + Double Bogey or 6 + 1 for a total of 7) instead of 6 if he had a 0 H/C.  I have entered two players scores and have listed them in order of the hole number played, with the hole H/C and PAR listed below that.  The formula would use the scores listed for each hole, allowing for one extra stroke on the H/C holes he is allowed a stroke on, which in this example would be for Mike H/C's 1 through 11, and William 1 and 2 (not holes 1 through 11, and 1 and 2, but H/C holes 1 through 11, and H/C holes 1 and 2.  The formula would be written in the cell under the ADJUSTED SCORE COLUMN, and it would have to work with the individual's HANDICAP.  I was thinking the formula would have the HANDICAP affect only those scores on holes where his HANDICAP applied, then adding all the ADJUSTED SCORES for a TOTAL ADJUSTER SCORE.  Can you help.


  H/C7517911513311 12161446188210 
Mike Aroz12 554655335 545564546 
William Bonnett2 456454344 338564445 


@Kevin_Caldewell Golfer myself! Happened to have a score card ready that I made earlier for someone else. Put in your numbers as an example. See if this works for you.



The score card looks good, but my understanding of posting scores is that you can not take more than a net double bogey on any one hole, so if the spreadsheet you provided, William shot a 8 on a par 4, which was on hole 12 that had a handicap of 14, and since William is a 2 handicap he would not get a stroke on that hole, so his net score for posting purposes would be 6, and his total for the back would be reduced by 2 strokes. Again this is for posting purposes. Can you explain further?
hello I would like help I need the formula of a worksheet that updates the data alone but only on dashed dates

@Kevin_Caldewell Changed the file a bit. See attached.

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