What Is the Best Excel Password Recovery Software?

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I am seeking the best Excel password recovery software. Specifically, I am encountering trouble accessing an Excel file due to a forgotten password. As a result, I am in need of a tool that can swiftly decipher or recover the password and grant me access to my important data. It is important to prioritize security and privacy aspects, ensuring that the software does not compromise the confidentiality of my data during the recovery process.
Your valuable insights and suggestions would greatly aid me in making an informed decision, so I can swiftly regain access to my Excel file and resume my work without any further impediments.

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That's a long discussion here https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/excel/how-to-unprotect-the-excel-sheet-if-forgot-the-password...


In general and depends on how Excel workbook is protected, the easiest way is to open it Google Sheets and save back as Excel file. It doesn't care about Excel passwords. However, it could be compatibility issues.


Please note, Excel password protection is not to secure data. It is mainly to protect data from user negligence.