What is field list in Excel online (connected workbook)

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When I copy a link into another workbook, it is a choice named "Field list". What is the use of that, and wehe can i read more about it?


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Geir, that's quite new functionality which allows to work in Excel Online with links on external workbooks. More about that is here Workbook Link support coming to Excel for the web - Microsoft Tech Community

On right pane you may refresh or break such link.

Thank you @Sergei Baklan It looks promising. I could not fint much documentation for the service, yet. And nothing of th" Field list". Guess I ave to be patient, and see what Microsoft share on this.


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@Geir Hogstad 

That's support page Workbook links in Excel for the web - Office Support ( , I don't think it'll be more. To my knowledge functionality is deployed to quite limited number of users, thus practically nothing in blogs as well.