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Hello, I am hoping there is something out there that would help me. I am trying to create a spreadsheet that will allow my team to choose a scenario. For example: Choose from Physical Status Mod Catagory: P1 (PICK THIS ONE FOR THE EXAMPLE) P2 P3 P4 And then Choose Anesthesia Mod Catagory: AA (PICK THIS ONE FOR THE EXAMPLE) QZ GC QK QX Once you pick one from each Category that would = 99 Then I want the formula to be 99 = P1 + AA Any help or suggestions would be very grateful. Angela
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Well, I think this attached spreadsheet goes part of the way. There are drop-down lists for the two choices. Then, in cell B5, if the two choices are not blank Ii.e., both filled in), then the value 99 appears.


Beyond that, it wasn't clear to me what your sentence--Then I want the formula to be 99 = P1 + AA--means.


Are there values associated with P1, P2 etc, and with AA, and all the others? You haven't specified that. If so, there'd be a table lookup ...... come back and clarify and we can add that functionality. But maybe this is all the help you were seeking.