What formula will translate 1 to "Male" and 2 for "Female"?

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Hello guys,


I have this huge list of names on my excel spreadsheet with gender identification as 1 representing Male and 2 for female, but then it is supposed to be written Male and Female instead of putting a number for male or female. 


Is there any formula i can use to autimatically change the numbers to words please instead of manually changing that 1,000 plus list of names?


Thanks in advance :handshake:

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Automatically - Yes; when you open a workbook through VBA you can change 1s and 2s in specific column of sheet to whatever you wanted.
Alternatively; run a formula in next column (=IF(B2=1,"Male",IF(B2=2,"Female","Gender Not Found"))) and hide the column which says 1 and 2.



Only if it's for screen and print


Customize cells format number