What formula should I use?

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I need help setting up a formula that will be able to pull in the correct column of data from a separate tab when the date is changed. I am unsure which formula to use to get my desired result. I have tried using index match but I could not figure a way to make it work. 


If anyone knows how I can attach the file to this please let me know. 

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These are clearly made up figures. But in the first photo, I would like to be able to set up a formula in the column for July 31, 2021 that will pull in from another sheet in the same workbook (see photo 2) 

When the date is changed each month, the formula would automatically update and pull in whatever month is needed. 












Sorry I think the 2nd photo got cut off


t3r Picture3.png

as for attaching files, there is some restrictions on new accounts so instead you can post it in sharepoint/onedrive and share a link or in dropbox or the like.
As for your issue, I would suggest using the new FILTER function to filter the column you need based on the value entered on that sheet. You mentioned you tried index-match combo, which should work as well as variations of lookup, hlookup, xlookup.
if you can't get a link to work you can PM a sample sheet and I can demonstrate how that could work in your case.
thank you! I just sent you a PM
did you get my message?
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@em_st3r got it and here is the example using Filter().  i also used data validation to create a drop down for the date selection.

amazing thank you so very much!