WEEKNUM function using return type gives strange output

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Hi, I have a a date 21/02/2017 in cell A2

In cell B2 I enter


I get a correct result which is 8

However, when I use return_type = 2 (for start day is MOnday) as follows


I get 2 as an output.

I am really confused with this output, how come it can be 2nd week?


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I think you meant to use






In A2 you have number 8.

Dates in Excel actually are sequential numbers starting from 1 which is considered as Sunday, Jan 01 1900.

Thus 8 is Sun, Jan 08 1900 which is Sunday on second week of the year 1900 if weeks starts on Monday.

Hans, you are correct, my bad, I have put B2 instead of A2, so many thanks