Weekly Report Isolation from raw data

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Hi All,


I've got an old excel file at my work that tracks sales and then sorts it into other sheets to track individual salesmen, ytd salesmen, stores and ytd stroes.  I've trying to update it and can't quite seem to figure out how they are using the week filter.


On the older one, when you look at the sheet with the individual salesman breakdown, there is a dropbown box with the week number.  Once you click it, you can isolate sales from those specific weeks.


I can't seem to figure out how to duplicate that.


What I've noticed about the old one is that when you click on the dropdown week cell it says, "ReportWeek" to the left of the formula bar.  It also has the option of, "ReportWeek2", which when clicked takes you to the store weekly sales.


All of the raw data is coming from a sheet within the same excel file.


Any thoughts?



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Please attach your sample file but modify confidential names to generic ones to preserve the confidentiality of your data.



I guess I didn't metion that this excel file cross-references a second excel file, meaning both must be open to make changes, which currently run through our server.


I am trying to make everything in one standalone excel file.


Making a change to names, messes up the cross-referencing values of the sheet in question.

In that case, you have to analyze the formulas that depend on ReportWeek.