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I am trying to obtain data from case files I have assigned to me through my job's VPN access on web portal. When in excel, I attempt to gather info from Data ribbon using "from web". From here, I am prompted to add URL in which from here I receive an error code once placing.


Details: "The credentials provided for the Web source are invalid. Please update the credentials through a refresh or in the Data Source Settings dialog to continue. (Source)


Is there a way to open an internet tab through excel to obtain data info wanted for manual selection instead of placing URL as prior excel software version did?




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As variant you may activate legacy connectors


and use them from Data->Get Data->Legacy wizards

When attempting this option I am referred to another error code.


After researching this issue, looks like I have to go under the "save tab" under the same options screen and provide a save location. Once here, it is not letting me type any address in.

offline save.JPG

Could this be do to not having access?


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