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Hello All.

if I select a cell or cells to add to the watch window, the columns added are:


Book, Sheet, Name, Cell, Value, Formula


Because I'm only interested in the value, and as I don't want the watch window to take up a lot of unnecessary space. I reduce the width of the window, and scroll to the position where only the value, and maybe Cell columns are in view.

However when I click outside of the workbook e.g.: to another application, the watch window automatically realigns to the leftmost column i.e.: book.


which means having to scroll across to the right to view the value column again, which will be OK unti I click outside of the workbook next.


I am sure that I was able in the past to set it as I wish, but now even if I resize the columns in the watch window, they automatically return to their default widths also.


I hope that my explanation is clear enough that if anyone there can perhaps help.


Thank You

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