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Hello Seniors! I saw a tool for converting XLSX Files online today and I upload my files there to get converted, but then after a while once the files got completed and I checked; there was nothin got changes. 

OR, please do let me know the proper procedure to convert xlsx files for free online???


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I am personally not familiar with this tool.

I would recommend contacting the manufacturer of the tool, who should know best why and how this problem comes about.


What and how exactly do you want to convert?

From xls to xlsx, or xlsx to xls, or xml to xlsx, etc.

Here is some additional information on the subject of file conversion.

Use Excel with earlier versions of Excel

Save a workbook in another file format


Hope I was able to help you with this info.



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yes i agree with @NikolinoDE,
what file you eant to convert to?

it says
xls files are generally those which are saved for excel 2007 and before
xlsx files are for excel 2007 and after versions