Want excel to read rows loud applying specific language to each column

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Please see the attached screenshot of ny excel document.
I want excel to read row by row, but specific languages applied to each column.
For example, Column F should have a rule which says when it reads thatrow,it should apply english Pronunciation to Column A, Spanish Pronunciation to Column B, Portuguese Pronunciation to Column C, Italian Pronunciation to column D and it should read loud the entire row from Column A to D. Can someone help?

I would then want to record the voice as an mp3 eventually. But I could manage this with screen recorder or something. But my main concern is the above mentioned excel issue.
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It is not so simple my friend. It depends of the language installed on your computer.

How to install languages


Once you have it installed and you know what is the VoiceId you can use it to read your text.

Find attachment


Develop multilingual Excel tables and VBA forms

If you have multilingual Excel tables or VBA forms, this usually means a lot of work for you in creating and maintaining documents. It is more convenient with a little software.

Especially when more than just two languages have to be provided, these simple options are ruled out anyway.


So what's left?

Translation table

To use the translation table, you can choose between two variants. Do you want (or have to) use macros? If not, it is best to use Excel's VLOOKUP function.


Hope I was able to help you with these files / information / link.



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