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Hi there


I hope someone will be able to help me.


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So to try and explain... I used the VLOOKUP Function to add the account name for bank transactions, the one transaction was "Spar" and the correct account name was given, but the account name was given only to 3 "Spar" descriptions yet there are 7 other "Spar" Transactions that throw out an error that no value was found.

I did absolute the table array and the other 7 "Spar" are the same as the 3 "Spar" that did come correct through.

I am hoping it's fixable

Thank you

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@DylanG2002 That could mean that the 7 items with Spar in the description column contain one or more trailing spaces, like "Spar   ". VLOOKUP will not find these when you look for "Spar" in the Accounts table.


Thank you so much, that was the exact problem.
Can't even believe it