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I am working on a monthly report, and I have a vlookup that is not behaving as expected. In the previous month's report I have a vlookup formula (=VLOOKUP(G2, Lookup!A:B, 2, FALSE) that pulls data from a tab in the report labeled "Lookup". In the current month's report, I created a copy of that same "Lookup" tab entered all the same information and an identical formula and for some reason I am returning only #N/A's even though it is identical to the previous month's report that pulled data correctly. I have tried everything I can think of to confirm that the data and formulas are all identical, so I am not sure why it is unable to pull the data I need. 

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Make sure that there aren't extra spaces before or after the data that you're looking up.


If you wish, you can attach a sample workbook demonstrating the problem to a reply. Don't include any sensitive data in the sample workbook.