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Hi all,


I am using vlookup to copy data from one excel file to another one. In the second file there are multiple sheets. The data to be copied in the first file is in same column but they are copied onto different sheets in the second file. 

After copying data for first three sheets, when I try to copy in the fourth one, the values come up as #NA. I followed the same procedures as in the first three sheets and checked the formula multiple times, but still the same result. 


Is there any solution to this?


Thank you! 

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Is there any solution to this?


I'm sure there is. But you'll need to help us help you. Is it possible for you to post a copy of the two workbooks--providing they don't contain confidential or private info--on OneDrive or GoogleDrive, pasting a link here that grants access?


In the absence of that, quite a few more details. What, for example, is the formula that IS working? Copy and Paste that formula in your reply---that might give a hint as to what's happening.


Paste an image of the sheets, if you can, in case there's a layout-related issue going on.


Are you willing to explain the bigger picture? Such things as what the various sheets represent? It's not uncommon for people to think they need to have separate sheets for each month, or for each product line, or some other category that is being tracked. The fact of the matter is that Excel can do a good job of parsing data from a consolidated database; we often unintentionally get in the way of its abilities to do that by using our old paper-ledger sheet mentality when we design a workbook.